Air Travel and the Ebola Circus.

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Air Travel and the Ebola Circus.

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” –Jimmy Buffet

Government leaders are frantic to do something, anything, to assuage concern about the potential spread of Ebola. But air travel is neither the problem nor the solution.

Nonetheless, the government answer is, as in so many crises, that even doing a useless thing is better than doing nothing. So we now have “increased screening” at several airports, including JFK. But the problem is, the Ebola patient who died recently in Dallas arrived from Brussels, while the increased screening targets passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leonne, and Guinea. One connection later, as in his case, the possibility of detection is beyond the “new” screening.


Meanwhile, no mention is made of special screening of international arrivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, all of which have seaports and airports with regular international arrivals from Europe…

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London like Lagos.
Do you know there are some
neighbourhoods in London you will visit and
you will think you are still in Nigeria?
Yes its true!
See 10 neighbourhoods in London that looks
and feels like Nigeria

a letter to mitchell browne, ‘why should artists at work fund idlers at art?’

School For Birds

I’m so happy to bring you this letter. One of my favourite artistic collaborators, Dave Lamb, has written this beautiful, eloquent, generous and immensely clever response to Mitchell Browne’s Syndey Morning Herald article ‘WHY SHOULD ARTISTS AT WORK FUND IDLERS AT ART?’ Enjoy and, if you happen to know Mitchell, please pass this on. Dave wants to hang out. 


Hi Mitchell

My name is Dave, and I’m an artist. We’ve never met, although you assume an awful lot about my lifestyle.

Last week I read your opinion piece on the Sydney Morning Herald website, along with the comments it generated. I must admit, I originally felt a lot of the ire that was expressed there, but I realise it’s not fair or productive to respond with scorn or sarcasm – that would only serve to distance our positions further, and one of the chief goals of the arts is, in my…

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20 Thoughts That go Through Your Head Before a Gymnastics Meet: Parent, Gymnast, Coach, Judge and Meet Director Perspectives

Facts dat meets d head


young gymnast pre meet

In honor of the 2014-2015 competitive meet season beginning, twenty thoughts that go through your head before a gymnastics meet from the perspectives of a parent, a gymnast, a coach, a judge and a meet director: 


  1. Are we late? My daughter will kill me if we are.
  2. Coffee? Please let there be coffee…
  3. Where are my friends?
  4. Where is Missy’s mom…I don’t know how to do her hair?
  5. I hope she doesn’t want to go to lunch after this.
  6. I wonder if she remembered her grips?
  7. Oh that judge has such pretty red hair…
  8. I hope she went pee.
  9. How is it that all the front row seats are taken?
  10. I hope I packed enough snacks for her.
  11. My god, I’ve been on movie sets with less camera equipment than that dad has on him.
  12. I don’t even like hot dogs, yet strangely I am craving one.
  13. Did I…

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Why (Good) History Matters: The Republican National Committee and the AP Exams

That Devil History

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus scowls as thinks about actually educating Americans about history. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus scowls as he thinks about actually educating Americans about history.

Have you ever heard someone say that pursuing the liberal arts is a waste of time? Sure you have. The refrain goes something like this: Studying the liberal arts is a waste of time because you’ll never get a job with a “useless” degree in English, Art, or (gasp!) History. A few years back, for example, the estimable Forbes ran an article titled “The Ten Worst College Majors,” and, of course, almost all of them were liberal arts majors. In a similar vein, Thought Catalog troll Matt Saccaro has claimed that the liberal arts, including history and literature, should be outright removed from college in order to focus on “what matters;” namely, making lots of money.

This granite-headed attitude — that the study of the HUMAN EXPERIENCE is now pointless because it won’t make you any…

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